Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation Review

The Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation is a powerful streaming device with an Alexa-voice remote and a new user interface. This Amazon media streaming device is a game-changer with its all-new user interface and streaming service integration.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation Review is the topic that I will discuss in today’s session. Today’s discussion includes the design, features, price, and so on about the Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation. Stick till the end to know more.

Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation Overview

The Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation is 50% more powerful than its predecessor. It was officially launched in 2020, then got re-launched in 2021 with new remote control. This remote has separate buttons for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon Music. Even the microphone button has changed to blue and contains the Alexa logo on it.

Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation Review

The review of the Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation includes all the basic knowledge you need to know about it. Starting from its design, use, and features you will get to know everything about it. If you are thinking about buying an Amazon Fire TV Stick then this article will be helpful for you. Let’s move ahead.


Similar to all the Amazon Fire TV Sticks, the Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation is designed to hide behind your TV. With a rectangular prism shape, it can be plugged straight into an HDMI port and a micro-USB power socket need to be plugged into the power supply. Moreover, it has included a short HDMI extension cable in the box.

Powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core chip, it offers Bluetooth 5.0 and BLE for pairing with headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and video game controllers. Even it has 8GB of internal storage for app download. It comes with a handy and compact remote that can control your TV also. There are separate four buttons for popular streaming services, plus a button at the top for voice search.

NOTE: If you don’t know how to operate the Amazon Fire TV Stick, click on “How to Use the Amazon Fire TV Stick?” and learn about how to use it.

The reimagined UI design brings everything into four main screens, i.e., Home, Library, Live, and Find for complete entertainment. It pulls content from different streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, iPlayer, and so on. In the end, you will get more useful quick-hit recommendations.

Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation Review

The Home Page is a mixture of subscribed content following through the suggestions of films and TV shows. Although it improves a lot over the iteration of the Fire TV OS but doesn’t match with the Google TV UI like Chromecast. However, the “Find” section offers a far better experience with more balanced and plenty of suggestions of genres & sub-genres including comedy, horror, action, and drama.


The Amazon Fire TV Stick already offers all the necessary features to its all models. This 2021 3rd generation model isn’t an exception at all. However, there might be some ups and downs in features. But, it won’t hamper your use. Let’s check out the features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation.

New Interface

The main menu of the Amazon Fire TV Stick has been redesigned to make it simpler and put the options like Home, Find, & Library. Your most used six apps will be placed on the right. Moreover, you can use the remote to highlight the used apps and show their content without launching the videos.

Scrolling down and selecting something throws you back to the top and create a room for that content. If you found stuck use ‘Find’ to bring full-screen tiles. Thus you will get films, TV shows, and recommendations for Comedy, Drama, Thrillers, and Documentaries for Kids & families.

To watch any of this content from a variety of services, you have to subscribe and sign in to those services. Using a microphone and searching over your voice is far quicker than finding on-screen using the on-screen keyboard.

Although the extra processing power makes the interface of the Fire TV Stick nice and responsive for streaming videos very quickly, there’s a drawback. There’s still too much promotion of Prime Videos like other Amazon Fire TV Sticks. It’s annoying for a Non-Prime member.

Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation

User Profiles

Profiles are more prominent after updating the interface. It’s placed at the left end of the main menu. A maximum six number of profiles can be used per household. Simply click on the profile to change it. Each profile has its preferences, apps, permissions, watchlists, and settings.

If the whole family uses one profile, you will get many relevant recommendations. Whereas such options won’t be available on YouTube as kids might not have their YouTube accounts. So the feature isn’t as useful till now. But, Amazon would address it quickly.


Although it doesn’t support 4K streaming, supporting FHD+ streaming it also HDR, HDR10, and HLG. Thus, you can stream to the HDR sections of the popular streaming services including Prime Video. Moreover, it’s easy to spot the use of tonal metadata in a good way with rendered textures and different black shades. It offers an enjoyable picture with an easy-to-watch balance between subtlety and dynamism.

Despite all, the Amazon Fire TV Stick copes admirably. In the case of SDR content, you will get a different experience, whereas the picture still pleases. The sense of zeal remains the same on the screen with a punchy effort of brightness and contrast. However, the dynamic approach sometimes causes drawbacks. It may miss the wealth of tone and looks a little bit uniform which overpowers the white details and black depth. That’s why you need to be careful about your TV settings.

Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation Review


There is not so much difference in the audio system of the Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation and the 4K model. The overall character is undeniably similar. Listening to music delivers a respectable sense of rhythm to the music. The drum rolls are picking out the individual beats and the guitar is also clear and controlled. Even the vocals are nicely clipped.

Switching to the Movies, the audio is as ample as expected from a budget-friendly TV Streaming Device. You can experience the enjoyable and detailed sound quality from this TV Stick. Supporting with immersive sound system Dolby Atmos, Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd generation is a little crisper that delivers a shade more energy.

Alexa Control

There are some changes made to Alexa. With certain responses, it won’t take over the whole screen. But, you can watch a video by searching and browsing the interface by asking her for some information like weather forecast, sports scores, and more. The result is shown in the bottom half of your screen and leaves the rest free.


All the major apps are available except Google Play Movies & TV and Rakuten. You can also do HDR streaming on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, and Apple TV without Dolby Atmos. Moreover, you can stream content via your computer and phone.

The Fire TV Stick allows you to access the Prime Video service, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ Hotstar, and local services like catch-up TV and live TV. The App Store offers a good range of apps and games to download your needed channels.


The cost of the Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation is 3,999 INR/ £40/ $40/ AU$79 (Subject to change). However, it’s cheaper than 4K models of Fire TV Sticks and costlier than the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite. But, I must say it’s a nice TV streaming device from a budget point of view and that’s why buying a Fire TV Stick is an inexpensive way to make your TV smart.


The Amazon Fire TV Stick Third Generation 2021 offers solid performance and features all the important apps. Moreover, it features an all-new interface with an upgraded Alexa-voice remote to give a genuine solution to the short noticeable problems. HDR viewing is also excellent with the Dolby Atmos sound system.

The Third Generation model is a good and slightly sticky spot. However, you can buy the 4K model by spending more money for slightly better performance. And, this is all I want to tell in the Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd Generation review. I hope you have gained some knowledge about the Fire TV Stick Third Generation that helps you in decision-making.

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1) Is there a 2021 Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is another TV Streaming device rather than the Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) 3rd generation in 2021.

2) Is Amazon Fire Stick worth buying?

Yes, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a solid choice at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a capable TV streaming option that boasts HD streaming with a decent interface, the Third Generation 2021 model is the best option. Moreover, it’s substantially improved and upgraded over its predecessor.

3) How long do fire sticks last?

The old Fire TV Stick models will get at least eight years of updates. With the time it reduces. The second-generation model gets eight years of updates, 4K models will get seven years of updates, whereas the current Fire TV Stick models will get five years of updates.

4) What channels are free on Firestick?

Fire TV Stick supports plenty of free channels for streaming movies and TV shows. Tubi, Plex, Xumo, and Pluto TV are some of the free channels including PBSKids and GoNoodle for kids.

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