Apple TV HD Review: Check Out the Complete Review of Apple TV HD (2022)

Before making an online purchase, we search for ratings and reviews. Before purchasing an Apple streaming device, you might be interested in reading an Apple TV HD review. Apple’s set-top box that runs tvOS is called the Apple TV HD. The business presently offers for sale the 2015-revised Apple TV HD model and the 2021 second-generation Apple 4K versions.

The Apple TV app, which is accessible to iOS and Android users as well as many smart TV owners, and Apple TV+, the company’s video streaming service with unique original content, are additional goods offered by Apple. Check out the full Apple TV HD review now.

What Is Apple TV HD?

Apple TV HD, which runs on tvOS 15, is a streaming device from Apple that provides you with the finest programs, movies, live sports, and access to your favorite Apple services. Enjoy entertainment from Apple TV+, Netflix, and Disney+, as well as live channels from YouTube TV and Sling TV. And use the Siri Remote (2nd generation) to control everything.

The Siri Remote included with this model has standard navigation and control buttons including volume, play/pause, home, Siri, and menu keys. Above the button collection is a glass touch surface for accessing menu displays and two microphones at the top for providing Siri commands.

Apple TV HD

Aside from menu navigation, the remote’s other features, such as Bluetooth 4.0 connection, an IR transmitter, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope, enable it to be used for other purposes, such as playing games. It contains a Lightning connector for charging the battery, which offers months of battery life on each charge for regular daily use.


  • Great usability and faster performance.
  • AirPlay with iOS devices
  • TvOS is a huge improvement
  • Allows third-party apps
  • Re-designed Siri remote.


  • Expensive.
  • No 4K support.
  • Bluetooth remote needs work.

Apple TV HD Review: A Complete Review

A comprehensive Apple TV HD review would cover a wide range of topics. In this Apple TV HD review, we have done our best to cover every important aspect of the Apple TV HD. Let’s get the whole Apple TV HD review right now.

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Price and Availability

Although the Apple TV HD initially had a 64GB storage capacity, there is currently just a 32GB option available. The price of the Apple TV HD is ₹15900, $149, £149, or $209 Australian. And you can get it via the official Apple Site, Flipkart, and

Design & Performance

The fourth-generation model is substantially taller than its predecessors, measuring 3.9 inches square, 1.4 inches tall, and weighing 15 ounces. An infrared receiver is located on the device’s front. On the rear of the box, there are four ports: a power connection to the built-in power source, a 100Mbps Ethernet connection, an HDMI 1.4 port, and a USB-C port for diagnostics.

The show is powered by an A8 CPU, which performs a fantastic job at accessing apps and playing back movies or shows. All of the major applications and services are accessible on the Apple TV box running TVOS 14. Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and other streaming services are all available.


Apple services including Apple TV Plus, Apple Music, Apple Fitness Plus, and Apple Arcade are also accessible. The new Siri Remote is smooth and responsive and performs as expected, with Apple’s Siri speech assistant handy and effective for accessing applications, programs, and movies, managing smart home devices, and responding to simple requests like a sports score or the weather.


Apple TV HD comes with limited features as technology upgrades to 4K. And, people are also stepping forward to get the best quality. Check out the features below.

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1) Revolution of TvOS 15

On September 20, Apple launched tvOS 15, the operating system for the Apple TV HD. Here’s what’s new with it:

  • For All of You: Look through a new row in the Apple TV app to discover a show that everyone in the family is eager to see.
  • Shared with You: Movies and television series exchanged via Messages displayed in a new row in the Apple TV app.
  • Spatial Audio: Use AirPods Pro or AirPods Max to listen for a surround-sound experience that feels like being in a theatre.
  • Smart AirPods Routing: Receive an instant onscreen notice to connect your AirPods.
  • HomeKit Camera Enhancements: Watch many cameras from around the home at once on your Apple TV.
  • Room-Filling Stereo Sound: When you pair two HomePod tiny speakers with an Apple TV 4K, you’ll get rich, balanced sound for whatever you watch.

a) TvOS 15.1 features

The much-anticipated SharePlay functionality debuts in TvOS 15.1. While on a FaceTime conversation with pals on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you may use it to view movies, TV episodes, or listen to music.

b) TvOS 15.2 features

Apple seeded tvOS 15.2 a month after releasing tvOS 15.1. This app allows you to see your Memories differently. Apple Music customers may listen to songs that blend expert suggestions, your music preferences, and what’s in your images and videos.

  • Apple TV App: The Store page is a brand-new one-stop shop where you can look through, buy, and rent the finest movies and TV series available.
  • The new membership tier is known as the “Apple Music Voice Plan” allows you to use Siri to access all of Apple Music’s music, playlists, and stations.
  • Belgian Dutch and French, Russian, Swiss-French, German, and Italian languages are now supported by Siri.
  • Screen Savers: Take in the breathtaking sights of Iceland and Scotland. Pressing the click-pad or tapping the Touch surface of your Siri Remote will bring up location information.
Apple TV OS

c) TvOS 15.3 features

In contrast to tvOS 15.2, tvOS 15.3 mainly includes minor enhancements and bug fixes for the Apple TV.

d) TvOS 15.4 features

TvOS 15.4 adds a few new functions to Apple TV hardware:

  • Support for a private Wi-Fi network
  • The “Up Next” queue is now accessible from the “Now Playing” interface.
  • New non-binary, American Siri voice in tvOS 15.4

e) TvOS 15.5 features

Unlike earlier software upgrades, Apple doesn’t explain what has changed in tvOS 15.5.

f) TvOS 15.6 features

Unlike earlier software upgrades, Apple does not say what has changed with tvOS 15.6, implying that it is mostly bug fixes. Apple is presently putting tvOS 16 through its paces.

2) Siri Remote

The Siri Remote was fully redesigned by Apple to go along with the second-generation Apple TV HD. The redesigned Siri Remote is more ergonomically designed with a thicker, single-piece aluminum body.

The new Siri Remote comes with a click-pad control that enables five directions for more precise navigation and is touch-enabled for quick directional swipes. The click-pad’s outer ring provides a simple circular motion that converts it to a jog control.

Apple TV HD - Siri Remote

Additionally, the new Siri Remote contains a power button that controls a TV’s power directly and a mute button. Additionally, for convenience, the remote’s Siri button has been moved to the side.

Although the new Siri Remote was debuted with the second-generation Apple TV 4K, Apple included it with both the current Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD versions, so consumers do not need to pick one model over the other to obtain the superior remote.

3) Audio & Video

With compatibility for H.264 Baseline Profile level 3.0 or lower and MPEG-4 video, video is restricted to 1080p at up to 60 frames per second.

HE-AAC V1, protected AAC from the iTunes Store, AAC up to 320Kbps, MP3 up to 320Kbps, MP3 VBR, Apple Lossless AIFF, WAV, Dolby Digital 5.1, and Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 are all supported audio formats.

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Apple TV HD Streaming Services

Customers may rent and buy TV series and movies through the iTunes Store, and the content can be seen on the Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Users may view videos from third-party streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and many more by installing third-party applications.

Pay-TV consumers may now access their subscriptions via apps in many circumstances, owing to the advent of single sign-on. Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu + Live TV are among the streaming-based television providers supported by the platform.

Apple TV HD Review

Through the system’s Family Sharing feature, customers may share their subscriptions with up to six family members so that they can all access the channels they have subscribed to. HBO, Starz, Showtime, Smithsonian, EPIX, Tastemade, and MTV Hits were among the first channels to launch in the United States.

Because of how users may download episodes and movies to watch online and offline, Apple TV Channels became the only means for HBO members to get material from the service at the time. Subscribers may view a selection of original series and films for $4.99 per month, or for free for a year as part of a deal when purchasing specified Apple devices.

Final Words on Apple TV HD Review

The Apple TV is a decent TV streaming device that meets all of the fundamental streaming device standards. However, it is slightly pricey when compared to other TV streaming devices. If you have the funds, you should go for Apple TV. Even if you like Apple products, you should give this streaming gadget a go.

I hope you found our Apple TV review post useful. In this review, I’ve attempted to cover every aspect of Apple TV. Please share this post if you found it useful and interesting. Please share your ideas in the comments section below. Please leave your questions in the comments area. Stay tuned, and thank you for reading!

Appl TV HD Review Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is HD or 4K better for Apple TV?

The resolutions that the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K support are the primary distinctions between them.

2) Is Apple TV HD the same as the 4th generation?

The fourth version contains a 64-bit Apple A8 CPU and Dolby Digital Plus audio compatibility. Apple relaunched the gadget as Apple TV HD in March 2019.

3) How do I use Apple TV HD?

Connect one end of an HDMI cable to your Apple TV’s HDMI port, then the other end to your TV’s HDMI port. Connect one end of the power cord to the Apple TV’s power connector and the other to a power outlet. Turn on your TV and then pick the HDMI input to which your Apple TV is attached.

4) What apps does Apple TV HD have?

Apple TV includes Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, Movies Anywhere, Twitch, Bloomberg, and Carrot Weather.

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