Detailed Xfinity FLex Review: Check Features, Price, Pros & Cons

In the 21st century, online TV streaming is the newest way of entertainment. A decade ago there were very limited entertainment services & devices available, but now there are plenty of options available. Xfinity firestick is one such addition to such online streaming devices offering a range of streaming services online.

There are several brands of streaming devices available like the Airtel Xtream Stick, Amazon Firestick, and much more. So, how different is Xfinity Flex? Get a detailed account of Xfinity Flex review here with all its features.

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Xfinity Flex Review: What Is Flex TV Streaming Box?

In simple words, Xfinity Flex is a 4K streaming box as compared to Roku stream devices and Amazon TV streaming devices.  The box is capable of playing stunning 4K videos and comes with an Xfinity voice remote. The voice remote offers smooth and seamless voice control features. Also, you can use this remote on any smart tv or display having an HDMI port.

Some other features of this Xfinity streaming device are:

  • Includes top streaming apps like Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, Discovery+, and many more.
  • You will enjoy more than 15,000 hours of exclusive Originals, numerous tv shows, music shows, movies, and other premium content online. You will enjoy 10,000 free movies and shows from 200 entertainment channels and free apps like – Xumo, Pluto, and Tubi.
  • The Xfinity tv remote helps you to search and find apps of your choice with ease.
  • To activate the Xfinity streaming device, you need to download and install the Xfinity app easily and start streaming.
1) The box is affordable. Comes free of cost with Xfinity internet service1) Inability to remove or add apps
2) Free subscription to Peacock Premium2) Lacking DVR
3) Search apps through voice search3) Inability to skip commercials
4) 4K video streaming4) Inability to log in to various OTT platforms with your existing accounts
5) Hassle-free installation5) Stiff buttons

Xfinity Flex Review – Flex Box User Experience

Check a detailed Xfinity Flex review on various of its components below.

Flex Remote

The remote seems superior to the Amazon Firestick. The Flex XR15 remote fits within your hand perfectly and you will get a soft rubbery feel along with backlit buttons. Through the remote, you can switch on/off your tv, control the audio, change channels, and do other kinds of stuff.

One special feature of the Xfinity Flex’s remote is the “Aim Anywhere” technology. With this technology, you can control the box with your remote even if the box is kept out of your line of sight.

Flex Voice Search

This feature helps you to control various apps through a range of voice commands. You can curate recommendations based on user trends as well. The voice search feature of Xfinity firestick is extremely accurate.

Xfinity Flex Video Quality & UI

A free box is nothing and doesn’t mean a thing if the picture quality sucks. Xfinity firestick can handle high-definition videos in HD & 4K UHD format with HDR. To some extent, video quality also depends on the movie or show a quality that you are watching.

Video quality on Xfinity firestick of both high definition and the standard definition seems ok to us!

The UI is slightly different compared to other firesticks. It has an info/status bar with a channel up & down button.

Stuffs That Could Have Been Included in Flex

  • Local tv channels
  • The better way to get “Free to Me” results
  • Removing or adding apps
  • Micro USB/SD slot or any internal storage
  • Skipping commercials
  • DVR
  • Able to use credentials for premium-channel apps

About the last point, you need to subscribe to Xfinity internet service to log in to HBO, EPIX, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, and other ott platforms. You will not be able to log in with your existing account. That’s quite isn’t Flex-like!

Which All Content Available on Xfinity Flex?

As mentioned above, Xfinity Flex device supports all major OTT platforms available right now. Whether you are a Marvel series fan, then you watch it by streaming Disney+. You can enjoy live streaming or binge-watch your favorite shows or movies straight-to-streaming box on popular platforms like – HBO Max and Prime Video the can help you fulfill your online streaming desire.

In addition, you can access apps like Pluto, Cheddar News, Tubi, XUMO, and ESPN3. Also, all Xfinity firestick customers get a Peacock Premium subscription completely free of cost.

How Much Does Xfinity Flex Cost?

As per the official website of Xfinity, Xfinity streaming box is available free of cost. But there is a catch. You need to use Xfinity internet connection to use the Flexbox for free. Each Xfinity internet package that varies from 50Mbps – 1,200Mbps offers an Xfinity firestick. So, while the Xfinity firestick comes free of cost, you will have to pay monthly Xfinity internet plan costs.

On purchase of every additional Xfinity Flex tv box will cost $5 to your monthly bill. In case you want to replace your current tv streaming device with Xfinity streaming boxes, then you will need to pay additional charges.

How to Setup Xfinity Firestick?

After activating your Xfinity firestick’s internet service, you can easily set up the tv box. setting You can go through the Getting Started Kit to set up the device. The kit includes a voice remote, Getting Started Guide, power cable, and HDMI cable.

Below are the steps to setup Xfinity Flex:

1) First, set up an HDMI connection between the Xfinity streaming device and your tv.

2) After that switch your tv on and then pick the corresponding input. You can connect the Xfinity firestick from there to power it on for an onscreen setup.

3) After that, the Xfinity firestick will ask you to choose a language of your choice. Then choose whether you want to continue the usage of the Voice Guidance feature that will enable voice instructions for you.

4) You can then proceed to connect your wifi automatically. Once the connection with the wifi is established, the device will ask you for account verification. You just need to provide the last 4 digits of your mobile number to create the Xfinity Account.

Booyah!! The setup is done!!

Xfinity tv streaming box will also guide you through a range of options: optimize audio playback for the surround sound, select a name for your device, and set up a voice remote of Xfinity firestick to operate your smart tv’s audio and power.

Final Words

Xfinity Flex may not be in the same league as the Amazon Firestick 4K, Roku, or Apple firestick, as a streaming device yet. However, by using the Xfinity internet services, the Xfinity tv streaming device presents itself as more than a handful of streaming devices. Xfinity fire tv stick offers a user-friendly voice control system and various integrated apps. But, the inability to use the streaming services using existing credentials is really not done!

If your budget is tight, if your budget is tight, you can downgrade to Xfinity internet-only from Xfinity internet-tv bundle to watch TV using the Flexbox while weighing on your tv options. So, that’s it from us on the Xfinity Flex review for now. Stay tuned to our blogs on Firestick Hub to know more about online streaming and its devices!

FAQs on Xfinity Flex Review

1) Is Xfinity Flex free?

The Xfinity firestick is available for free of cost. But this is only available with Xfinity internet services. You will need to pay while buying the extra streaming box.

2) Does Xfinity firestick supports 4K video?

As per this Xfinity Flex review, Xfinity firestick supports video quality ranging from HD to 4K quality.

3) Is Xfinity Flex the best option as a firestick?

Well, if you are tight on budget, then you can for Xfinity Flex as it’s a decent option available for free with Xfinity internet services.

4) What do all apps are supported by Xfinity Flex?

Xfinity Flex TV Box supports top streaming apps like – Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, Discovery+, and some other free apps like – Xumo, Pluto, and Tubi.

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