Amazon Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite: Which is Right for You?

In the face of Amazon Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite, we will compare every aspect of both TV streaming devices. So, you can choose the best one as per your requirement.

Though both the devices look pretty similar, there are differences in features and remote capabilities. Firestick Lite supports up to 1080p, so you can stream on FHD+ TV. If you want 4K streaming, you must go with the 4K model. Read till the end to know more differences like it.

Amazon Firestick 4K

Amazon Firestick 4K is a value-for-money TV streaming device that supports HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. You can stream up to 4K at 60fps. It allows you to play the best format possible, depending on the AV receiver, home theatre system, soundbar, or TV.

There’s an Alexa Voice Remote with a power and volume button. So, you can operate audio equipment like a soundbar. We have already made a complete review of the Fire TV Stick 4K, check it out.

Firestick 4k


  • Speedy user interface.
  • Amazon Alexa voice assistance.
  • Fantastic variety of content with thousands of streaming apps.


  • UI is biased toward Amazon.
  • Ethernet adapter not included.
  • Performance varies between apps.

Amazon Firestick Lite

Firestick Lite, the entry-level TV streaming device from Amazon sits beneath the Firestick 4K. It supports FHD+, and HDR10 streaming but Dolby Atmos is unavailable. With a weaker Alexa Voice remote control, you won’t get volume or mute options to adjust your TV’s volume. There’s also no power button, but includes Alexa voice control and a Guide button.

Firestick Lite


  • Inexpensive
  • Plenty of apps and services
  • Alexa-enabled voice remote with Guide button


  • The Remote doesn’t have TV controls
  • The interface is sometimes sluggish

Amazon Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite: At a Glance

SubjectFire TV Stick 4KFire TV Stick Lite
Price (Subject to Change)₹4,499 / $49.99₹2999 / $29.99
What’s in the Box?Stick, remote, HDMI extender, USB cable with power adaptor, and two AAA batteriesStick, remote, HDMI extender, USB cable with power adaptor, and two AAA batteries
Dimensions4.25 x 1.18 x 0.55 inches3.4 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches
ResolutionUp to 4K UHD at 60 fps1080p at 60 fps
ProcessorQuad-core 1.7 GHz (650MHz GPU)1.7 GHz quad-core processor with IMG GE8300 GPU
RAM & ROM1.5GB & 8GB1GB & 8GB
RemoteAlexa Voice Remote; includes power and volume controls for IR-enabled TVs, soundbars, and receiversAlexa Voice Remote Lite (does not control TV or other peripherals)
Picture quality4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR10+, HLG, H.265, H.264, Vp91080p Full HD (1920×1080), HDR 10, HDR10+, HLG, H.265, H.264, Vp9
Audio qualityDolby AtmosDolby-encoded
Wi-FiDual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi (MIMO), supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi networksDual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi (MIMO), supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi networks
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0 + LEBluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth Low Energy
Apps & Streaming ServicesNetflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV, Sling TV, Disney+, Peacock, STARZ, SHOWTIME, Paramount+, YouTube TV, IMDb TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and moreNetflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV, Sling TV, Disney+, Peacock, STARZ, SHOWTIME, Paramount+, YouTube TV, IMDb TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more

Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite: Complete Comparison Guide

We have tried to cover every aspect of this face of Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite. Read till the end to explore the difference between firestick lite and firestick 4K. Check it out.

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Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite: Price & Value

Amazon Firestick 4K is available at ₹4,499 on Amazon, whereas the price of the Lite version is ₹2,999. If you compare both the devices in terms of price, the firestick 4K is costlier than the firestick lite. But, the 4K model offers a lot of features than the Lite version. If your TV doesn’t support 4K, Firestick Lite is for you at a lower cost. You don’t need to purchase the 4K model. So, it’s upon you and your needs.

Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite: Design

The Amazon Firestick 4K is small, inconspicuous, and intended to connect to your TV’s HDMI 2.2 connection. Because the Firestick is somewhat wider than a typical HDMI cable, Amazon includes a male-to-female HDMI extension cable. This cable can also be used to boost Wi-Fi and remote-control functionality.

Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite

The Firestick Lite looks pretty similar to the previous and new Firestick devices. It’s a little, narrow black rectangle that looks like a long lighter. There’s an HDMI connector on one end that goes right into your television, and Amazon supplies an extension for those who need to modify it for a better fit.

Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite: Audio & Video

The Firestick Lite supports full HD 1080p video output with HDR, HDR 10, HDR10+, and HLG video standards. The Firestick 4K, on the other hand, supports up to 4K Ultra HD. However, bear in mind that you will also need a 4K TV and a Netflix subscription to experience Firestick 4K.

The Firestick 4K includes Dolby ATMOS Audio, but the Firestick Lite just has Dolby Audio (Get Dolby ATMOS on Firestick Lite via HDMI pass-through). You will require a soundbar to do so; if you do not have a soundbar, you will not get Dolby ATMOS natively.

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Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite: Software

When it comes to software, all Firesticks use the same Fire TV OS interface. So, you get the standard apps like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and so forth.

The Firestick 4K still runs Android 7 Nougat, which was released in 2018, but the Firestick Lite runs Android 9 Pie. This means that when you purchase a new Firestick, you will receive fresh updates as well as security fixes. However, there are reports that these upgrades will ultimately make their way to the Firestick 4K as well.

Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite: Performance

The Firestick 4K supports ultra-high definition (UHD) or 4K video streaming, as well as high dynamic range (HDR) material in HDR10 or Dolby Vision. Amazon claims that the stick is also speedier than the previous Fire TV.

The Firestick 4K is powered by a quad-core 1.7GHz CPU with 8GB of RAM. It supports MIMO 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth 5.0 with BLE. The Firestick 4K does not come with an Ethernet adaptor.

Menu navigation is also quick. Switching between apps and browsing across different rows on the main panel seems quite quick. Alexa also responds promptly to inquiries, and the voice remote activates Alexa and controls TV volume with minimal to no lag.

Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite

The Firestick Lite is powered by a 1.7 GHz quad-core CPU, making it 50% more powerful than the previous generation Fire TV Stick while using 50% less power. Another significant enhancement for both new devices is that the dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi now supports 5 GHz networks.

The menus were easy to navigate, and most programs launched in a matter of seconds. The Firestick Lite supports 1080p at 60fps and HDR formats. With a few exceptions on Netflix and Hulu, most movies and episodes hit full HD relatively instantaneously.

Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite: Apps & Streaming Services

The Fire TV Stick 4K offers a wide range of content and works with all major streaming services including Netflix, HBO, Sling TV, Hulu, and YouTube TV. It also gives you access to Amazon Prime’s extensive movie and music library.

Do You Know How to Stream On a TV?

Pluto TV provides over 250 channels with free entertainment, including MTV, CNN, People TV, NBC, and dozens of on-demand movies. Subscriptions are required for other popular streaming services.

How to Use the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Almost every streaming service is compatible with Firestick Lite. Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Sling, Pluto, ESPN, Spotify, CBS, Fubo, Philo, Starz, Peloton, Tubi, PBS, and more services are available for download. The App Store also organizes them into themed packages, such as music, kids, or football. The most prominent exception is Peacock, which now offers HBO Max on Fire TV (as of Nov. 17, 2020).

Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite: Remote

The Alexa Voice Remote Lite is similar to the standard Fire TV Stick remote but lacks the power, mute, and volume buttons. The Fire Stick Lite includes one button that the standard remote does not: a guide button with a television symbol. This results in a grid-like interface, similar to a cable TV guide, with live TV stations, pulled in from your applications.

Firestick 4K vs Firestick Lite: Remote

Firestick 4K makes a difference on the remote. It has volume and power controls. Previously, you couldn’t alter the volume with the TV’s remote. You must ask Alexa to modify the volume. You may now easily alter the volume on your TV, AV receiver, or soundbar. However, a microphone button at the top of the remote, identical to its predecessor, may be seen without speaking “Alexa” to provide the command.

Final Word

To be honest, both Fire TV Sticks have comparable hardware and software. If you have a 4K TV and a top-tier membership to Netflix, Prime, or other streaming services, it makes sense to acquire the Firestick 4K. Even if you don’t have 4K but plan to get one in the next year or two, a 4K streaming stick is an excellent way to prepare for the future.

However, if you have a tight budget, go with Firestick Lite. But there are no Dolby ATMOS and volume control buttons on the remote. Here we would like to say that you will get other TV streaming devices in this price range. Now the decision is yours. Which one will you choose? Let us know in the comments. 

Frequently Asked Questions Firestick 4k vs Firestick Lite

1) Can I use Firestick 4K on normal TV?

Yes, a Firestick 4K will operate perfectly on a non-4K TV. Similarly, you don’t need a Firestick 4K to use a 4K TV. You won’t get 4K resolution in any situation, but your Amazon Fire TV Stick should operate well.

2) What is Firestick Lite used for?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite, which costs $29, is capable of streaming video from all major providers. It also gives access to hundreds of additional TV applications and offers Alexa voice remote.

3) Why do I need a Firestick 4K?

The Amazon Firestick 4K offers exceptional value for money. It contains the majority of catch-up TV applications and premium streaming providers you may ever require. It supports an astounding range of HDR standards right out of the box.

4) Is Firestick Lite fast?

If you want to get into the Fire TV ecosystem and only need a 1080p Full HD solution, the Firestick Lite is a no-brainer. It’s reasonably priced, quick, and competent.

5) Can you add apps to Firestick Lite?

From the main menu, search for apps and then download them to your Fire TV device. To find apps, use the main menu on your Fire TV. You may also search for applications using your voice.

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