MarQ Turbostream Review – A Complete Review of MarQ by Flipkart Turbostream Media Streaming Device

MarQ Turbostream Review will help you to know if a product is manufactured by Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart, is how much capacity to compete with the other streaming devices available in the market. Find out in our MarQ Turbostream review whether it is worth buying or not.

Well-known for selling a variety of all kinds of products, Flipkart also manufactures a vast catalogue of products under its brands. And, MarQ Turbostream is one of those products, available in the market for experience in the television space. Check out more details here.

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What is MarQ Turbostream By Flipkart?

The MarQ by Flipkart Turbostream is a palm-sized streaming device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI connector and costs Rs. 3,499 INR. It runs on Android TV and provides access to numerous streaming services and other functions similar to those found on a smart television.

Plug in the MarQ TurboStream Android TV Box into a non-connected TV and enjoy the benefits of a smart TV. With built-in Chromecast, Dolby Audio rich sound, a voice-activated remote, and blazing-fast dual-band Wi-Fi, the Turbostream claims to deliver the whole entertainment package.

MarQ Turbostream


  • Android PIE (9.0) OS Boots so faster.
  • Smooth Lag-free UI experience.
  • In-built Google chrome cast Streaming.
  • Dolby sound support.
  • Full HD Playback.
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi Support. (Use a 5GHZ Wi-Fi router to avoid Buffering)
  • Google Play Store Support. (Only TV apps supported)
  • Remote quality is so good.


  • It doesn’t support 4K Streaming.
  • Jio tv app is not showing in the device play store.
  • Screen mirroring is possible with only the Google home app.
  • 1GB RAM with 8GB of Internal Storage feels inadequate to side loads apps.

Price & Availability

MarQ by Flipkart is available at a price of ₹3,499 INR on Flipkart. Although the written price is ₹5,999 INR, you will get MarQ Turbostream at a lower price during occasional offers.

MarQ Turbostream Review

We have tried to cover all the aspects in this review so that you can easily decide whether Turbostream is suitable for you or if you might go for other alternative TV streaming devices in this price range. Also, you will get to know, does it compete with other streaming devices or not. So, check out the details here.

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Design of MarQ Turbostream

The Turbostream streaming device can be hidden because they are small and light when connected to the HDMI connection on the back of the TV. After hooking it in and configuring it, you won’t have to return to the device.

The Turbostream is diamond-shaped, with a permanently connected HDMI connector protruding from one end and a Micro-USB port on the other. A unique cable is supplied in the packaging, with a USB Type-A plug on one end and a Micro-USB plug for power and an IR receiver module on the other.

MarQ Turbostream Review

The USB plug may be plugged into the provided wall power adapter or a USB port on your TV if it has adequate power. A Bluetooth remote to control the Turbostream is also included in the box, as are batteries for the remote.

MarQ Turbostream Features and Software

A quad-core ARM-based CPU with an integrated Mali 450 GPU, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal app storage power the Turbostream, which utilises Android TV. For connectivity, there is dual-band Wi-Fi, and Dolby Audio is supported.

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On the MarQ Turbostream, all popular apps enable streaming at speeds of up to full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) at 60 frames per second. Direct audio connections to the MarQ TurboStream from audio devices like speakers or headphones may be made using Bluetooth 4.0.

The MarQ TurboStream includes an IR and Bluetooth remote; the IR emitter can be used to control power and volume on the device as well as supported televisions via HDMI-CEC, while Bluetooth connectivity allows the remote to communicate with the Turbostream device even when there is no direct line-of-sight between the two. The remote is compact and light, and it runs on two AAA batteries.

The remote has a D-pad for navigation, a Google Assistant button, keys for home, back, and the app drawer, and volume adjustment and mute buttons. There are also YouTube and Netflix hotkeys, as well as the power button. The remote has a microphone for speaking to Google Assistant.

MarQ Turbostream Features

The stock launcher is used as the user interface for the Turbostream, which runs Android TV 9 Pie. The interface is comfortable and familiar, and it’s simple to access your favourite apps thanks to the well-organized information and apps.

Additionally, having access to the Google Play Store for Android TV makes it easy to download a huge selection of apps, many of which were created specifically for usage on TVs.

We paired the MarQ by Flipkart Turbostream with a MarQ by Flipkart 43SAFHD TV from the same company, which was roughly a year old and running Android TV (Oreo). Because the TV’s UI had certain limits in terms of available apps, most notably Netflix, the Turbostream provided us with a better software experience that was also easier to use.

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Performance of MarQ Turbostream

Because the MarQ by Flipkart 43SAFHD Android TV we utilised is a full-HD TV, we were able to adequately evaluate the Turbostream’s capabilities. During our time with the streaming gadget, it was speedy and easy to use; there were no crashes or severe concerns.

Streaming was also a breeze, and with a fast Internet connection, we had no issue accessing the video from platforms such as YouTube, Hotstar, and Netflix. We found that Netflix and YouTube performed the best because their official applications were already preloaded and faultless.

MarQ Turbostream Performance

Hotstar was likewise enjoyable to use, and all of these services took use of the TV’s capabilities by streaming video at the greatest quality possible. The fact that our TV could play back appropriate video with improved sound thanks to Dolby Audio support.

The distinctions could be heard, and Turbostream’s Dolby Audio certification undoubtedly helped. We did see a little issue with volume control when HDMI-CEC was enabled on the MarQ TurboStream; increasing the volume using the Turbostream’s remote would occasionally modify both the device and the TV’s volume, resulting in non-uniform level adjustments.

Turning off HDMI-CEC in the Turbostream settings addressed this, however, it also meant that we had to operate the TV and streaming device separately. We found it easier to leave the TV volume fixed while only altering the Turbostream volume, and we also avoided powering it off too frequently, switching only the TV off while leaving the streaming device on but inactive.

Streaming Services offered by MarQ

Your favourite applications are displayed first on the home screen, with recommendations from other installed apps appearing below. The Turbostream completely alters your viewing experience if you have a non-smart TV thanks to its Internet connectivity and well-thought-out applications for valuable material.

MarQ Turbostream Review

You may also instantly cast material from a compatible device thanks to the integrated Chromecast receiver. The MarQ by Flipkart Turbostream app store has a broad variety of apps, including major streaming services for video and audio, sports and educational content providers, handy utilities, and more.

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Netflix and YouTube are preloaded, plus you may add Spotify, Hotstar, Zee5, Jio Cinema, Facebook Watch, and other applications. We also loved utilising other unusual applications, such as Realistic Fireplace. Amazon Prime Video is noticeably absent from the MarQ TurboStream, even though most significant streaming providers have an excellent app that can be downloaded.

Attempting to mirror our smartphone’s screen while using Amazon Prime Video only produced a black screen on the TV, albeit we could hear sound and read subtitles, proving that it is not feasible to get around this using Chromecast.

Last Words on MarQ Turbostream

The MarQ by Flipkart Turbostream is an efficient, powerful, and reasonably priced gadget. To access internet streaming material without having to buy a new TV, would be most helpful for people who now use a non-smart TV.

It will be useful if you own a smart TV with a user interface that you don’t particularly enjoy, one that hasn’t had an update in a while, or one that is lacking in supported applications and 4K content. So, you’re better off purchasing a 4K streaming device instead of the MarQ Turbostream.

That’s all for now. If you find this article helpful, please share it with others. In this review, I’ve attempted to cover every aspect of Turbostream. Please share your ideas in the comments section below. Please leave your questions in the comments area. Stay tuned, and thank you for reading!

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