MI TV Stick 4K Review – A Complete Review on MI TV Stick 4K

Xiaomi MI TV Stick 4K Review will help you to make a clear decision about whether you should choose it or not. There are several TV streaming devices available in the market that make you confused when choosing a TV stick. And, we present the MI TV stick 4K review in today’s article.

MI TV stick 4K is a small device with the recent SoC Amlogic S905Y4 that offers Android TV 11 certified system to see the highest quality streaming. By default, MI TV stick 4K has a Bluetooth remote control that integrates with a microphone for the Google Assistant.

It also supports Chromecast and offers the necessary features like 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos sound system. Let’s check out its behavior, all features, and rivals in this complete MI TV stick 4K review.

MI TV Stick 4K

Xiaomi MI TV Stick 4K runs on Android TV 11 that offers 4K with Dolby Vision technology to deliver a vivid and immersive visual experience. And, Dolby Atmos sound system with DTS HD technology delivers a greater richness, immersive and realistic sound. It has an in-built Chromecast that features screen mirroring and media casting.

MI TV Stick 4K provides a Bluetooth remote with Google Assistant for quick access to tons of movies, and videos, search for information and control your smart home devices. Moreover, you can take it anywhere you want as it’s so small that easily fit in your pocket.

mi tv stick 4k review
MI TV Stick 4K

Equipped with Android TV 11, MI TV Stick 4K discover 400,000+ movies and shows on popular video streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Disney Plus, play music and games, cast from any device, and more. You can also download 7000+ apps from the Google play store.


  • Upgrade to deliver crisp 4K streaming.
  • Improved performance with SoC Amlogic S905Y4.
  • Solid and simple remote with a lot of features.
  • Smooth, clean Android TV 11 software.
  • Supports Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos sound system.


  • Dated Micro-USB power port
  • Doesn’t support AirPlay 2
  • Can’t remap the remote hotkeys
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MI TV Stick 4K Review: A Complete Review

There are so many TV streaming devices, among them, MI TV Stick 4K is also an alternative to Fire TV Stick. And, today we will do a complete review of the MI TV Stick 4K. So, stick till the end to know more.

Price and Availability

The MI TV Stick 4K costs Rs. 4,499/- (subject to change) for 1GB/8GB variant, and the 2GB/8GB variant costs Rs. 8,999 / $68 / £64.99 / €59.99 (subject to change). Although it’s not available on popular e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon. To get this TV streaming device, you need to visit some other sites like ubuy.co.in, tradeinn.com, and more.


The Xiaomi MI TV Stick 4K offers a classic design with only two ports, i.e., the front HDMI 2.1 male, and the micro-USB OTG port. The micro-USB OTG port allows you to connect a USB 3.0 Hub, Ethernet HUB with a power connector, and a micro-USB OTG cable. You can also connect peripherals through this port and expand the internal storage with a Micro-SD card.

mi tv stick 4k review - design
In the Box

Moreover, the port provides a speed of up to 220 Mbps and the Android TV system perfectly handles this connector in the settings. It comes with Bluetooth remote control, a microphone for Google Assistant, two status LEDs at the top, and a dedicated key for Patch-Walk the Xiaomi launcher.

However, you can change the function of some keys via remapping them. The small MI TV Stick 4K has an internal Wi-Fi antenna that supports Wi-Fi ac and a Bluetooth v5.0 chip. Even, the cooling system works pretty well not to lose any performance. Although there’s no reset button, so you can update it through the online OTA system of Xiaomi.


Every TV streaming device has some features, based on which one can decide whether it is suitable for purchase or not. And, MI TV stick 4K isn’t an exception at all. We find the configuration wizard as we have started the MI TV Stick 4K. You can adjust the Wi-Fi, and select the type of content you want to see on the pre-installed apps on the screen.

You can update the pre-installed apps, and install some other apps from Google Play for Android TV that bring changes to the TV. Overall, it delivers a good, smooth, and quick performance. You can also install classic Android Apps, deliver a colorful presentation of content, prevent screen rotation, and much more.

Even it offers the Patch-Walk app, a western version of the Xiaomi Launcher used in China. During observation of system data and the options, we get to know the functions of the boot option. This TV Stick can be updated via OTA to fix bugs, possible failures, and security updates.

mi tv stick 4k review -features

The MI TV Stick 4K has two RAM variants, i.e., 1GB and 2GB of DDR4 RAM with 8GB of eMMC storage that can be expandable with a Micro-SD card. It features Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth v5.0, and a micro-USB OTG 2.0 port that allows you to use a Gigabit Ethernet adapter at a limited speed of 220 Mbps.

The MI TV Stick 4K supports all the modern formats like h.265, VP9 with 4K, and 60fps HDR resolution in the video playback section. It also supports the AV1 codec but only for streaming YouTube and the internal media player. MI TV stick 4K support 10bit HDR, HDR10+, and RGB with Dolby Vision.

In the Audio section, MI TV Stick 4K offers DD and DTS sound up to 7.1 with Dolby Atmos and DTS HR codecs. Even the Chromecast system works perfectly. You can also use players such as KODI, PLEX, and more without the slightest problem. Firestickhub recommends you read the Setup Guide of the MI TV stick to access all the features comfortably.


Coming to the performance, we would like to say that the performance is pretty nice with the Amlogic S905Y4 Quad Core chip, having ARM Cortex-A35 processors and the Mali-G31 MP2 GPU. This 12nm SoC has low power consumption and manages the speed correctly not to heat up. Even the cooling system maintains very low temperatures.

mi tv stick 4k review - performance

It gives improved performance in single-core compared to its predecessor and exceeds the 1080p resolution to deliver 4K HDR. The internal storage is very good that moves the system fluidly. Even you can expand the storage. Whereas, the RAM offers better data to perform tasks like opening or switching an app at a noticeable speed.

However, you can play BGMI games in medium to low quality and it offers NVIDIA G-Force Now cloud gaming services. We haven’t faced any problems in playing 2D games with basic emulators like KODI, and Retroarch. It supports Vulkan, USB, and Bluetooth-compatible gamepads.

Streaming Services

The key upgrade of the MI TV Stick is the ability to stream 4K HDR with Dolby Vision, DTS HD, and Dolby Atmos support. The new MI TV Stick 4K runs on Android TV 11 and is cast on your Android TV via in-built Chromecast support. But it doesn’t support Apple AirPlay.

mi tv stick 4k review - streaming services

The Xiaomi TV Stick 4K remote remains unchanged, having the Google Assistant button for voice commands, and two hotkeys to launch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Whereas, the remaining buttons are primarily for volume control and navigation. It offers 400,000+ movies and shows from 7000+ streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and PatchWall.

Wrapping Up

Overall, MI TV Stick 4K provides crisp content with a user-friendly interface, upgraded RAM, and storage features at a solid value for the money. It’s capable of streaming 4K with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support. It’s undoubtedly a very good option for anyone who wants a simple, Android TV-powered 4K streaming stick.

But the MI TV Stick 4K doesn’t stand out with any flashy features compared to its competitors like Chromecast with Google TV, Fire TV Stick 4K Max, and ROKU Streaming Stick 4K which are also available in the market at the nearly same price. Even many of these devices are cheaper than MI TV Stick and deliver better performance.

Now, it’s all up to you. We have made an overall MI TV Stick 4K review that may help you to make a decision. Share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, let us know whether you will buy it or not. If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends and family. Thanks for reading and stay tuned with us

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does Xiaomi MI TV stick support 4K?

The Xiaomi MI TV Stick 4K runs on Android TV 11 that can stream 4K. It has an in-built Chromecast which allows you to cast on your TV through an Android device. But it doesn’t support Apple AirPlay.

2) Is Xiaomi MI TV Stick 4K worth buying?

The Xiaomi MI TV Stick 4K is decent to buy if you don’t have many options to choose from. It offers all the great things that must be there in a good TV streaming device.

3) What does a MI TV Stick 4K do?

Similar to other TV streaming devices, the MI TV Stick 4K helps you to make your non-smart TV into a smart TV. It’s nothing but an Android TV OS-based video streaming dongle.

4) Which is better MI TV stick 4K or Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Well, both are fantastic TV streaming devices that offer almost similar services. Now, choose the one according to your budget and requirement. However, we think that Amazon Fire TV Stick has a lot of options to choose from than the MI TV Stick.

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