Roku Express Review Before Buying An Affordable TV Streaming Device

Are you thinking to buy a Roku Express streaming device? Check our Roku Express Review that will help you to decide. In this era, we all are looking forward to the reviews of the gadget we are willing to buy. So, we bring a complete Roku Express to review to let you know all about the Roku Express streaming device.

The Roku Express is one of the most affordable TV streaming devices on the market, and it provides excellent value. It is an excellent choice for first-time streamers since it offers a fantastic selection of streaming services, applications, and channels. Stick till the end to explore more. 

What is Roku Express?

The Roku Express is one of the most affordable tv streaming devices available. The Roku Express, which costs $61.56, streams live TV as well as your favorite Netflix and Disney+ shows in HD. The setup is simple, and the interface and Roku mobile app is simple to use. The inclusion of an additional remote on the mobile app is very appreciated, and the ‘Private Listening’ mode is a useful function exclusive to Roku media players.

Roku  Express

Key Features:

  • Streams in HD
  • Watch live TV
  • Access streaming services such as Netflix, NOW TV and Disney+
  • Use voice search to find your favourite shows quickly
  • Private Listening mode feeds audio to your phone and allows you to listen with headphones.
  • Free extra remote with the Roku mobile app


  • Great value for money
  • Good choice of apps and channels
  • The Roku app is easy to use
  • The media player is small and fairly unnoticeable


  • No 4K support.
  • No volume or power buttons on remote

Roku Express Review: A Complete Review Guide

We have tried to cover every aspect of Roku Express in this review. So, here’s a complete review of Roku Express. Read the full article and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Price & Availability

The Roku Express costs $61.56 and offers HD streaming. It is sold at a variety of shops, including Amazon, Very, and Currys PC World. Amazon sells the Roku Express for $61.56/₹5,082.

The Roku Express provides some of the finest value for money of any of the TV streaming devices we’ve tried. Because of the cheap price point, the Roku interface is basic but user-friendly. The Roku Express feels solid and provides access to a large choice of streaming services and apps for less than £30. Disney+, Netflix, NOW TV, hayu, All4, ITV Hub, and YouTube are among them.

Roku Express Design

With the help of the included sticky strip may simply be placed on top of your TV or below the screen. The Roku Express weighs only 31g. Consumers should utilize the in-built remote on the Roku mobile app (Android/iOS). Not only is a second remote provided for free, but the keyboard also supports voice search and makes typing much simpler.

Roku Express Review

The 12-button remote has navigation arrows, channel shortcuts, a pause/play button, and a home button. The buttons clack loudly. The only minor annoyance was the absence of volume or on/off buttons on the remote.

Style: A compact, black box with rounded corners and the Roku logo imprinted on the top is the media player. The layout is straightforward and shouldn’t draw attention to any media player or TV. The remote control is equally compact, black, and has rubber buttons.

Robustness: Although both the TV streaming device and controller are small, they don’t seem fragile. The rubber buttons on the remote seem durable and sturdy.

Size: The Roku Express is 7.6 cm long and 3.8cm broad, so it can be hidden beneath the TV or hooked to the top without being unsightly.

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Roku Express Review: Remote

The Roku Express remote uses infrared (IR) rather than Wi-Fi, so you must point it toward the Roku box connected to your TV to use it. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to conceal your Roku Express under a cabinet. The remote control contains a home, back, directional keypad, and “enter” button. It may also be used to pause, rewind, or fast-forward your content.

There are four shortcut buttons at the bottom. The home screens of well-known streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ are accessible via these shortcut buttons with a single tap. The entry-level model is devoid of voice control.

However, a solution is available if you download the Roku mobile application. You may use the app’s voice commands to carry out activities like discovering a certain show or switching stations. You will still need your other remote to turn on your TV, adjust the volume, etc. Roku remotes cannot be set to function with a TV or cable box.

Roku Express set-up

The Roku Express installation process is straightforward and painless. An HDMI cable and two AAA batteries are included in the box, so it may be used right away.

After removing everything from the box, you are directed by written instructions and clear pictures. If you want to follow additional instructions online, Roku provides links to those as well. After you connect the media player to the TV, you must establish a Roku account and connect to Wi-Fi.


The next step is to decide the channels and applications you want to include in your interface. However, after the Roku Express is installed, you may continue to add more apps.

We recommend installing the Roku mobile app during the setup process. It’s free and may be used as an extra remote. We also found the keyboard on our phone to be easier and faster to use than the one on the TV interface.

Roku Express Performance

Roku’s software has lately become more customizable, allowing you to add screensavers and background themes to keep your screen occupied when not in use. The screensavers don’t always work, and oddly enough, some of them have sexually explicit material that isn’t suitable for younger audiences.

In terms of performance, it’s as excellent as an HD system gets. It produced crisp image quality, bright colors, and little artifacts when viewed on a Samsung 4K TV. There’s almost no difference between 1080p Netflix on the Roku and 1080p Netflix on the TV’s built-in app. On a smaller 24inch and 1080p panel, the video quality is hard to criticize, and any flaws are usually due to the stream itself rather than the playback device.

With audio, the narrative is comparable. Even without a Dolby Atmos kit, the Roku sounded terrific over a powerful speaker and, once again, was not noticeably different from the output from the TV’s built-in applications.

Finally, the Roku Express has a considerably sharper feel than the Roku stick from the previous generation that we tried. It performs well when connected to a mini-projector, switches streams to HD bit rates with minimal latency, and starts apps more quickly.

Roku Express Streaming Quality

The Roku Express supports only HD (up to 1080p) streaming, not 4K video; but provides decent streaming quality in this price range. The media player is snappy while browsing with the remote and using voice search, and there were no buffering or latency concerns.

It is worth remembering that the streaming quality is heavily influenced by your TV. The media player is designed to optimize your TV’s visual quality so that there is always clear resolution and rich color – and viewing shows in HD with the Roku Express was incredibly delightful.

Roku Express Review

If you have a 4K TV, invest the additional £10 for the Roku Premiere. All the same capabilities as the Roku Express are offered by this marginally more priced smart TV stick, but it also supports 4K streaming.

Roku Express Review: Streaming Services

A monthly membership is not required for the Roku device. However, you will be required to pay for the on-demand and live TV streaming services that you use on the device. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video, YouTube TV, and other popular streaming services require a paid subscription to be accessed on your Roku Express device.

In addition to commercial membership services, Roku provides a variety of free channels and networks. Live news from ABC, CBS, and NBC is available, as well as free entertainment from Pluto TV, Peacock, Crackle, and others. The Roku Channel is likewise free and has a rotating roster of movies, programs, and 24-hour live news.

Wrapping Up on Roku Express Review

The Roku Express is the best all-around TV streaming device in this price range with such a performance (no thrilling physical design or the lack of an included power supply). Most significantly, it is the only choice that provides access to all of the main streaming services in one location. That’s all you need to know in the Roku Express review.

If you are using Roku express or any other streaming device, share your thoughts in the comments. Please share it with others to let them know about the Roku Express review. Feel free to post your queries in the comment section. Thanks for reading.!

Frequently Asked Questions on Roku Express

1) Is Roku Express good enough?

Roku Express is more than sufficient for watching most episodes and movies.

2) Is there a monthly fee for Roku Express?

No, Roku Express or any other Roku device has no monthly fees, equipment rentals, or hidden costs.

3) Which is better Roku Express or fire stick?

Overall, Roku is a superior pick because it offers more functionality and device possibilities, as well as more channels/apps, including free content.

4) What generation is Roku Express?

Roku launched its seventh generation of TV streaming devices in September 2018.

5) Is Roku worth buying?

Yes, most certainly. Roku is recognized for offering a large range of streaming channels and has positioned itself as a platform that is service-agnostic.

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